Outage Incident
Incident Report for SMRT Systems
Yesterday, 8/2/17, users experienced trouble connecting to SMRT between 7:25pm and 8:05pm ET. This was due to a data center-wide outage with our cloud infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS). We apologize for the interruption and appreciate your patience as AWS worked to restore service.
While network outages at this level are extremely rare, short-lived and beyond our control to resolve, we are taking multiple steps both to minimize their net effect on our users as well as improve our internal customer communication and response procedures:
Our IT Operations team is working on increasing our intelligent monitoring and alerting systems, so that we can notify users within moments of SMRT going down what the cause is, providing detailed information on this page.
The Software Development team is working on running SMRT in multiple data centers, so that in the event of an outage like this, the system “fails over” to the other data center in seconds, allowing SMRT to continue running without disruption.
Our Support team has resolved a technical glitch with our call center, and we are modifying staffing so that additional personnel are available for inbound calls.
Please feel free to contact us at support@smrtsystems.com with any feedback or suggestions for improvement.
Posted Aug 03, 2017 - 11:22 PDT